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To find a qualified expert or specialist for open projects can be a big challenge and is a key factor for every company. Accordingly, experts as well as specialists are looking for new challenges and exciting assignments. The companies and experts need a professional and competent partner to help them find the best candidate. Freelancer or permanent employee? To support corporate flexibility, we bring you solutions to ensure this. The mixture of freelancers or permanent employees for short periods of time provides the necessary versatility. Our recruiting system provides you with the right experts. Through our proactive recruiting we have experts on hand who we know in advance, even before customers inform us about their needs. As a specialized personnel service provider, we can cover this need quickly and in a focused manner. A fast response time to customer requests is always given.

  • Digitalised and automatsed processes
  • > 80.000 selected experts
  • > 50 expert networks
  • > 20 years recruiting experiences
  • Incentives for additional contracts
  • Multilevel sourcing-system
  • Social sourcing & e-recruiting
  • AI driven recruiting
  • Very fast feedback incl. CV
  • Uniform standardised top CV’s
  • OpenBook – providing info to experts
  • Prevention oppressive contracts
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  • 25% bonus if margin is higher 15.- €
  • 25% bonus if helping additional placement
  • 25% bonus for connceting to new freelancer or permanent
  • 25% bonus for providing new customer
  • 25% bonus for helping other contract
  • 0% oppressive contract
  • 100% openbook
  • 100% fast payment
  • 100% commuinication
  • 100% disruptive innovation
  • 100% service orientated
  • 100% partnership